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From Measurements to MakerBot

Step-by-step instructions for calibrating and characterizing a stock-built MakerBot, followed by a set of measurements to perform and their relationship to SkeinForge settings.

Initial Assembly Calibration

The Threaded Zed Stage

Threaded Rod Bearing Brackets

Drive Belt Tension

Stepper Driver Current

Stepper Direction

Leveling Four Corners

Cartesian Build Platform

Smooth Rod Brackets

Drive Belt Tension

Stepper Driver Current

Stepper Direction

Leveling the Build Platform

Plastruder Placations

PTFE Passage

Idler Pressure

Check for Short and Opens

Operational Calibration

Firmware Upgrades

MotherBoard Firmware

Extruder Firmware

Extruder Checklist

Thermistor Calibration (Beta Calculation)

Heater Control System (PID Parameters)

Noodling Nitpicks

Noodle Diameter

  • Free-space diameter used for all skeinforge settings.

Reversal Parameters

  • Firmware controlled oozebane

SkeinForge Simplified


Travel Rates


Feed Rates

Picking Zed-Slice Thickness

Walls and Shells

Old (Wet) ABS

  • Measured filament width: 0.60mm
  • Temperature: 190C
  • Carve Setting Variation
Layer Thickness (mm) Extrusion Width over Thickness (ratio) Measured Wall Width (mm)
0.36 1.45 tbd

Filled Volume

Raft vs Raftless



Support Structures



Test Pieces

Positive Space


Long Walls

Tall Structures

Negative Space

Vertical Holes

Horizontal Teardrops

Adjacent Edges

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