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This is a first stab at a gap analysis for a set of popular open-source hardware companies and projects to determine the degree of [OSHW Definition] compliance and where room for improvement may lie.


  • Base-line compliance with the definition's minimum set of requirements
  • References to online material supporting Pass/Fail of base-line compliance
  • Main page table lists only cumulative Passes across all products under a given company or project portfolio, normalized by the total number.
  • Break-out per-company product gap analysis on individual pages
  • Bring attention to degrees of 'openness', e.g. in the use of OSI EDA/CAD tools, open cores, etc.

Community Gap Analysis Table

  • Entered in alphabetical order, by Company or Project name.
  • Generated from database of individual product entries with product-specific ratings and details surrounding each pass/fail as required.
  • Only registered users can submit ratings to
Company/Project Reviews 1. Documentation 2. Scope 3. Necessary Software 4. Derived Works 5. Free redistribution 6. Attribution 7. NDAPG 8. NDAFE 9. Distribution of License 10. LMNBSP 11. LMNROHS 12. Technology-Neutral
Community Leader Inc. 30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30 30/30
Still Learning Co. 5
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